Adopt a tree

Earlier this year, Alex and I planted close to 200 trees. Many were moved from our nursery in Chimacum, where we planted the grafted rootstock 2.5 years ago, to the property in Gardiner. While most have made it and seem to be hanging in there, we have had some challenges with shock, disease and deer. We've purchased some 2 year old trees that will be delivered in the spring to replace some of what we've lost. We'll also be adding some other fruit and nut trees to the property.

We'd love your help in funding our tree planting.

We'll be keeping track and tagging your trees so if you come visit, you can say hi! I also like the idea that the tree will feel some extra love from their adoptive parents.

In 1 - 2 years, we will share a bottle of cider or perry with you (or something else if that's not your thing, maybe I'll draw a portrait of your tree for you, or cast a little pruned off twig in silver for a pendant!)

You can adopt more than one of course. We've averaged the tree cost of the 2 year old trees we're buying this round, around $30/ea.

Venmo is an option if that works for you and reduces the fees for us - @Beth-Cyr

This listing is for credit card options. 

Each order (through the website or venmo) will receive a special thank you card. You can enter your mail address when checking out, or I'll be in touch if I don't already have it.

Thank you so much for your help in growing the future.

apple tree drawing that says adopt a tree, grow the future