A Gift From The Universe - Free Art Print Sent Anonymously to a Loved One
A Gift From The Universe - Free Art Print Sent Anonymously to a Loved One
A Gift From The Universe - Free Art Print Sent Anonymously to a Loved One
A Gift From The Universe - Free Art Print Sent Anonymously to a Loved One
A Gift From The Universe - Beth Cyr Handmade Jewelry

A Gift From The Universe - Free Art Print Sent Anonymously to a Loved One

These prints may be chosen or make any item a gift from the universe by adding this listing to the cart with any other item.


Anonymously gift a piece of art to a loved one! Choose the design, enter their address and I ship directly to them. (New this year - the person that needs it most might be yourself)

There are 2 design options, or there is an option for me to choose for you (because I know making a choice is sometimes difficult). All prints are 5 x 7, frame not included.

Each print will include the message card shown in the photos. It says:

A Gift From The Universe - You have been anonymously gifted this artwork so that when you see it you will be reminded that you are loved beyond words.

  • Choose your design, or I can choose for you
  • Free option - 2 per customer until Tuesday Nov. 29
  • Pay option - choose as many as you want
  • Include recipient name and address as I will be shipping directly to them (see FAQ below if you don't have the address)

If ordering more than 1, please make sure to include addresses for each of the recipients. Please clarify in the note to seller box or place 2 orders. Thanks!

Orders will be shipped within 2 weeks of ordering, though most will be shipped by Dec. 3rd. (last day for shipping this year is Dec. 12th) Tracking info will be sent to the email provided. The return address says Gift from the Universe and is my PO Box. Shipping in the US is free.

Free options will be available through Giving Tuesday, Nov 29th, or while supplies last. There will be a minimum of 100 free prints available and potentially more if more donations are received.

Want to help sponsor the project and just make a donation? That would be lovely and can be done through this listing.

Each print is hand signed by the artist. The gold metallic is added by hand after printing. (One design does not include gold)

They are printed on archival, acid free paper- 100% cotton, cold press natural (no whiteners) - it matches the paper I use for most of my original drawings. And cotton is a more sustainable, eco friendly alternative to wood pulp.

Printed in my studio with an Epson SureColor p800 with UltraChrome HD ink

Need ideas of who to send one to - here are some specific examples from last year:

  • Someone who just needs to know they're loved
  • Estranged family member
  • An overworked healthcare worker
  • Child's teacher
  • Single mom doing it all
  • Friend going through a divorce or a just a rough time
  • Teenager struggling with depression


*New this year* Gift yourself a print. In every other year I've asked that prints only be given to others. This year, I'm opening it up to giving one to yourself. Yes, this is essentially me giving away free prints, but sometimes the person you need to love the most is yourself. If this feels like what you need, please gift yourself a print and know that you are loved.

Is it really free? Yes! I donate the prints and my time, sponsors have covered the shipping cost for US shipping.

Can I send more than one? Yes, but my ask is that each customer only sends 2 free prints - you can pay for as many as you'd like.

I don't know the address of the recipient, will you just mail it to me? Part of the project is that it is anonymously sent directly to the recipient. So for the free ones, it *would be best* to be mailed directly to them, however in some cases if the art can be given anonymously in person (ex: secretly left on a co-worker's desk), I'm happy to mail it to the "giver". It is my hope that the spirit of the project is honored.

Can I send it to someone that I live with? Yes! Just make sure the recipient's name/name with the shipping address, is different than the your name/buyer's name.

Background story of the Gift From The Universe project: It started a few years ago when I wanted to do something other than a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Gift giving can be filled with so many mixed emotions. At the core, I believe giving a gift is a way to show love, but it can be overshadowed by obligation, guilt and expectation. There is so much pressure to buy things around the holidays, and sadly the message is often that bigger and more expensive means more love. If you've ever been the recipient of an expensive, thoughtless gift, you know that is not the case. Or maybe you've been on the other side when someone expects you to get them something and you just buy something random even when you can't afford it (This was me for many years). Participating in this project is a way to give love without the concern for cost, without the need for recognition or reciprocation. It is a free art print sent directly to the recipient and includes the note shown above.

With everything that has happened this year, it feels more important than ever to send a big dose of love out in to the world. So many of us are feeling alone and battling anxieties and depression, feeling locked up in our homes and minds. It can be easy to feel like no one cares. We all need reminders from time to time that we are loved and that we matter. And not just by another human, but by something much greater. The recipient won't know who sent it, even the return address just says A Gift From the Universe.


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