Adopt a tree

Adopt a tree

We're adding some more apple trees - replacing some that didn't make it and growing the tree population on the property. We'll also be getting/planting some other fruit and nut trees but haven't ordered them yet.

We'll be keeping track and tagging your trees so if you come visit, you can say hi! I also like the idea that the tree will feel some extra love from their adoptive parents.

In 1 - 2 years, we will share a bottle of cider or perry with you (or something else if that's not your thing, maybe I'll draw a portrait of your tree for you or cast a little pruned off twig in silver for a pendant.)

You can adopt more than one of course. We've averaged the tree cost of the 2 year old trees we're buying this round, around $30/ea.

This listing is for those that want to donate by credit card. Venmo is also an option if that works for you and reduces the fees - @Beth-Cyr

Each order (through the website or venmo) will receive a special thank you card. You can enter your mail address when checking out, or I'll be in touch if I don't already have it.

Thank you so much for your help in growing the future.

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