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Custom Order Ring Design Fee

Interested in a custom ring design? If you haven't filled out the custom design form yet, do that first in case the fee is not necessary. 

A simple customization, like substituting a moissanite for a diamond or just an alternate metal for a design already listed, may not require this fee. 

Most custom order rings will fall under this category - the fee covers things like time spent on discussion, wax mockups, sketches, stone researching, price quotes/options for different designs/stones, brain power translating a customers vision in to reality, taking/sending photos  of stones and waxes

This fee is not needed for any made to order listings that are currently available to order on my site.

This fee is nonrefundable and does not go toward the final price. This fee covers the time and energy spent before actual production begins and during wax design process.

Working closely with clients is one of the things I do best, and this helps to compensate me for the time and attention put in to the project. Since the cost of the final items has no bearing on the time I spend in the design process this is a flat fee.

In select cases you may receive a credit if the project ends up being drastically easier than expected. 

Design Level examples:

Simple: single unique stone research/options added to standard design, simple adjustment to existing design, custom mountain range 

Medium: 2 rings of the same simple design level, moderate adjustment like adding a leaf or unique stones, variation of current design 

Complex: multiple rings, combining different designs, totally custom/new design, multiple stones that require research 


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