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Custom Website Review

If you've spent countless hours working on your website, you start to go blind to the things you've been staring at. That's where I come in! I haven't been looking at your website for hours on end and can come in with fresh eyes.

I can look at it like a potential client who has an eye for the tiny details. I can look at it like a friend who wants you to have the very best website to offer up your products or services.

In this custom offering, I'll go through your entire site with a fine toothed comb. The time spent will depend on how large your website is, the number of pages, the amount of content on each page, etc. The project starts with a $200 deposit. I will do an overview and give an estimate as to the number of hours I think it will take and the timeline for completion and feedback. This will be an estimate only. If I reach the estimated time and exceed it by 1 hour, I will check in/update you and let you know how much longer it might take to finish before proceeding. The rate is $100/hour spent on the site. 

I start with a general overview where I click all the links and look over everything with broad sweeps. This is generally where I find the big most noticeable things, but also little things that just jump out at me. 

Then I start to dig deeper, like moving the bed away from the wall and cleaning out those hidden dust bunnies, more of the minute details like two spaces between a word instead of one. I see and look more for the things that create visual discord. This can sometimes mean a grammatical error or missing word, but my intent is not straight up proofreading, and though I may find some things that full under that category, there are other people that specialize in that.

Time will be spent between desktop (imac) and mobile (iphone). If you have a specific web browser you'd like me to use (chrome, firefox, safari), just make a note when checking out.

Other options are also available - 1hr, 30 min, 15 min

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