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Free 15 Minute Website Review

If you've spent countless hours working on your website, you start to go blind to the things you've been staring at. That's where I come in! I haven't been looking at your website for hours on end and can come in with fresh eyes.

I can look at it like a potential client who has an eye for the tiny details. I can look at it like a friend who wants you to have the very best website to offer up your products or services.

I'm offering a free 15 minute review of your website. 15 minutes might not sound like a lot, but the average time spent on most websites is drastically less (under 3 min!) I will not be evaluating content, imagery or branding, unless there is something that really jumps out at me as off-putting.

Just a simple objective scan, looking for those little mistakes that are really easy to overlook when it's your own site, or maybe only show up on a mobile device. Mistakes clients might notice, but won't say anything about, unless you're like me and mortified when you find a misspelled word that has been on your site for years!

15 minutes is generally not enough time to make it all the way through a site unless your site is very small, but it's usually enough time for me to navigate every page and scan a lot of the content.

Simply enter your website and go through the checkout. I'll spend 15 minutes on your site and email you your review within a week. Time will be spent between desktop (imac) and mobile (iphone). If you have a specific web browser you'd like me to use (chrome, firefox, safari), just make a note when checking out.

You will not be charged during the checkout process, but it will provide me with your email and allow me to notify you when your website review is done. It will also give you an opportunity to leave a review for me if you're happy with the feedback I provided.

*This offer is for one session per person/website only

Paid options are also available - 30 minute, 1 hour, Custom

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