Today's the day - where will I go from here?

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Almost 18 years ago I quit working at a coffee shop to become a full time artist. I loved that job, but it was a couple years after I’d graduated college and I was miserable and had no idea what I was doing with my life. I became clear that I wanted to “make things and sell them” but was afraid I’d fail. Once I realized that was my reason for not going for it, I quit my job and never had to go back to working for someone else. 

My business has been through a lot of different iterations in that time. 

This is the biggest change yet. It felt fitting to make these changes in my favorite coffee shop all the way across the country. My 25 year old self would be so proud of how far I’ve come. My current self is too. 

I’ve been through a lot of changes including: several studios, a variety of websites, two marriages and two divorces, beloved pets no more, a move across the country to land in a cute little town where I get to see snow capped mountains, the water and amazing trees every single day. I find myself the happiest I’ve ever been and marvel at all the changes that have occurred and the choices I have made that got me here. 

Lots of things happened I had no choice about, and at the same time I’ve really embraced all the choices I do get to make. What can I do to continue to be more of the person I want to be?

So I’ve chosen to not make custom and made to order items anymore. It going to lead somewhere amazing and I have no idea where. Part of making choices is also letting go, knowing each new intersection is a new opportunity. And sometimes it’s wandering off the trail to see where you find yourself. 

Thanks to everyone for the love and support and I’m excited to share what comes next. I continue to follow my intuition and see where it leads me. It’s already taken me to wildly amazing places and I have no doubt it will continue to do so. 

If you’re interested in better updates on changes and new things, my newsletter is the best place for that. 

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Big News! Big Changes to Made to Order and Custom Items - ending July 31, 2023

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The short version:

July 31st will be the last day to purchase any made to order rings (or other custom/made to order items). All custom and made to order listings will be removed by Aug 1st.

The longer version:

This maybe was a long time coming, but also happened very suddenly. I'd taken some breaks from making rings while traveling a few times over the last year. I couldn't tell if I was interesting in stopping making jewelry or what exactly the feeling was. Every time I finished a piece though I thought "I can't stop doing this, I love it".

I recently got back from my big 2 month road trip and I knew there would be some kind of shift, but I wasn't sure what it would be. I'd thought maybe while on the trip I'd have some kind of breakthrough, but nothing seemed like that big Aha! moment I've gotten used to having. Upon returning, I allowed myself time to acclimate to being stationary, in a new home and at my studio. I kept waiting for that thing to become clear and for awhile nothing seemed to happen. And then it came in a quiet moment of meditation. I needed to stop doing custom and made to order items. 

This had been the bulk of my business and income for most of the last 15+ years. It felt like quitting a job, even though I still have my business and will still be making things and selling them on my website. For a brief moment it felt scary, then the kind of exciting scary like jumping out of a plane when skydiving, and then it just felt exciting and like a relief. 

Almost immediately I could feel the decision sink in to my body and release so much weight I'd been holding. There was no question it was the right decision for right now. I know I can always come back to it if I want and if it feels right. The same day I made that decision I finally finished a piece I'd had sitting on my workbench for years. It felt so easy. Being in my studio felt different. Energy was coming back to me and all I it seemed like I had done was make a decision. 

It was so much more than that though. Years of ruminating and many hours of meditation, months of travel and endless conversations, therapy and coaching and running and journaling and processing of endless thoughts and emotions helped me to get here.

I'm really excited to see where this leads.

I have inclinations that I'll still be offering some opportunities for some custom things, but we'll see. One thing I've learned is that nothing really is for certain.



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Shipping, Travel, and more! Spring 2023 Updates

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path through the trees

This Spring is going to be very busy and very unusual. I will be traveling most of April and May - by car! Down through CA (I get to see the Redwoods finally!!!) and across to GA, to CT, back to GA and then back to WA through the middle of the country. 

I will be providing updates along the way somehow, definitely through Patreon to subscribers, though also some updates either here on my blog, through my email newsletter or through IG. I've been so busy with other things, including getting ready to be traveling that a lot of things just haven't been decided yet! I feel like if I say something specific it will change, so not saying yet until I get going.

I will have a friend using my studio while I'm gone. It all worked out so easily and I'm grateful my studio won't be lonely while I am away. It will be getting some updates when I return so it'll be interesting to see what the next phase might be!

I will be working on my 100 day project while I am traveling. 100 Things I Learned in the last year. 

It was the biggest year I've ever had in terms of upheaval and personal growth and a lot to make note of and share. 

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Important Year End Info - No shipping Dec. 13 - Jan 9

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I'll be taking a little bit of a break from some aspects of my business. Ordering can still happen - most of the time! The website might be getting a little bit of a revamp and could be down for a little bit though I don't think that will need to be the case.

I won't be shipping from Dec. 13 - mid January. Ready to ship orders placed during that time will ship out the between Jan. 10 -13th. Made to order items will depend on their production timeline.

Some communication will be delayed during part of the time.

See you in 2023!!

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The Gift From The Universe Project 2022

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It's just about time for the annual Gift From The Universe project. This will be the 4th year in a row I've done it at this time, though the 5th or 6th time I think? It really is just the perfect antidote to all the BFCM (black friday/cyber monday) craziness.

Being a maker that has issues with extreme capitalism can be challenge. Of course I want to make things and have people buy them. I have bills to pay and dreams to fulfill! But being materialistic for the sake of expectation or status or obligation is not for me. 

Some years it felt like fun to participate in sales or do special promotions and in no way to I judge my fellow makers or business owners that enjoy jumping in on that. (If you line up at a store and trample other people to buy a tv, yes, I totally judge you, but if you're reading this, chances are that is not you anyway) A few years ago I realized how bad it felt to me and on a whim I started a project. Without much thought or planning, I offered up prints to be sent to loved ones, anonymously, for free! 

Gift giving can feel so special. When I find something that feels just right, I'm that kind of person that is desperate to give a gift early because I can't wait for them to get it. Or finds something at an off time and send it just because.

It can also feel terrible. A stressful obligation because someone else expects it. Or even that you want to give a gift to someone, but the panic and stress of the holidays takes the joy out of being able to do so thoughtfully. The last minute "fuck it, here's a gift card" that I have done so many times finally fell by the wayside because I decided I was just not going to play that game anymore and anyone close enough that expected that of me didn't know me very well anyway. 

I've thought of so many scenarios that leave me feeling frustrated around this whole time of year - maybe you recognize some of these:

Buying something too expensive because the other person equates money spent to the amount of love given.

Giving something you actually think the other person might not like, but... you "had" to get them something anyway.

Wanting to give something but feeling like the other person will be obligated to give you something back... or will feel guilty when they didn't or didn't have the money or energy to give anything in return.

A broken relationship that will result in a "return to sender" envelope or package

Receiving something that you don't like at all and feel like that person didn't even try to be thoughtful or just felt that obligation to just buy something.


I am all for thoughtful and meaningful gifts and experiences. I'm all for surprising someone will a silly pointless gift because you think it will make them laugh, or you know that receiving gifts is their love language and literally getting mail will just make their day. I am all for that weird gift that makes you wonder WTF and then a few days later you're convinced it is the best present you've ever been given.

And really, none of this applies to children to whom simply opening a present is a delight. Watching a small child completely lose their shit over a single pair of socks is amazing, only later for them to realize there are more than that one pair and it's mindblowing and adorable.

So how does this all relate to this project? The idea of giving something without spending money, without taking credit or getting acknowledgement - giving something out of love without money being involved... what does that feel like? How might it expand your own heart or what might it mean to someone to receive a gift that simply tells them they are loved. No need to give a thank you or send something in return. What is it like to receive something that feels like a whisper from the Universe. Maybe they think they know who it is. Maybe they think of 10 people who might have sent it. Maybe they are right or maybe not. Some people try to guess (and often guess correctly), but some people simply feel the compassion of a random act of kindness, a mysterious moment of love and a reminder that they matter to someone and if they don't know who it is, it could be anyone.


Interesting in supporting the project financially? Read on:

The first year I did the project, I supplied everything and donated my time. I hadn't really thought about shipping, the labels and envelopes and all the extra stuff. A couple years ago I opened it up to supporters to help fund the project and had such amazing help.

If you'd like and are able to support the project more than  participating and sending a print or two - you can check out the donate page.

To give an idea of costs and why even a little helps - shipping is between $4 - $5 per print. For 100 prints that adds up! Besides my time (and what would be the retail cost of the print), there is the material cost of the paper, ink, extra gold ink for hand embellishing, shipping labels, shipping envelopes, etc. $5 covers most of the shipping, and in some cases the label and the sleeve for the print. 

Why not just charge for shipping? I did one time, but prefer to ask for support to cover shipping for everyone who participates. It is easier for everyone involved for shipping to be free for everyone.

There will also be an opportunity to sponsor the project by purchasing the print you send. Those purchased prints don't count towards the 100 free ones that get mailed.


I'll be announcing this year's design choices next week! 


a little end note - What do I get out of this? On the surface, it does get my work out in the world, but ultimately it makes me feel like a conduit for love. Feeling loved is something I find challenging. I know if I got one of these, it would make me feel loved. It is easy for me to love and send that out to the world. Being empathic, I can also very much feel when one person loves another. Just not so much for myself. (It's something I'm working on) And in a weird way, this project helps my heart to expand and feel love in all kinds of ways. 

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