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I’m having a sale through end of Friday to support Together Rising - 10% off all ready to ship items, 10% of sales to Together Rising - no code needed, discount will show in cart. If you haven’t seen their work and have a general caring about the world around you, you should check them out. There is so much going on in our country that is achingly awful, and my sensitive, empathic self doesn't deal very well. Often we feel powerless to do anything. They do great things and supporting them means they can do even more things. 

Shop all Ready to Ship Items

TogetherRising IG post

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March Meet the Maker

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Sometimes I have a hard time making decisions. So many decisions all. the. time. So I asked in my IG stories which ring I should finish first and here’s the winner! Thanks for deciding for me - it’s a fun way to not have to make a decision. I’ll finish the other ring next week when I have more time. 

Today is the beginning of #marchmeetthemaker - the first prompt is “favorite to make” and it’s fitting that funky meteorite rings are my favorite. I really want to outfit everyone with a meteorite ring. It’s an amazing reminder of the vast universe we live in. Can you imagine where this meteorite has been and everything that happened to put the two of you together? Kinda special.

If you’re new to following me and/or haven’t seen #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram before, it’s a fun month long challenge with easy prompts that artists and makers from all over the world participate in. Last March I found some of my very favorite artist friends, which is the main reason I’m doing it again. It’s an opportunity to let people get to know you on some different levels and stretch what you share on IG. I hope to make some new connections and give a deeper look in to my world so you can get to know me better. 


If you’re an artist/maker/creator - join the fun! Here is the full list of prompts from Joanne Hawker:

March meet the maker by Joanne hawker

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I always forget about SAD when I’m sad

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Let’s talk about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) Every year I forget. It’s a slow creep and I’m unprepared until it’s in full swing and it’s not until I totally break at the end of February that I remember “February is the worst”. And seriously, I always forget. The brain is funny like that. 

As winter starts to settle in, it’s the holidays, the New Year, things are busy and stressful and I keep plowing through until February which feels like an unavoidable black hole that sucks me in. I don’t remember why I feel so awful, only that it’s a struggle to not feel awful. And I’m not even aware of what is happening until it’s too late - until it’s so bad and I’m wondering wtf is wrong with me, why am I such a failure, maybe if I curl up in a hole I can just wait it out. I feel like an energetic dark cloud and I don’t want to be around other people and infect them with whatever plague I’ve contracted.


I grasp at all my usual feel good things - exercise, yoga, meditation, eating healthy, taking all the supplements - but just grasping and doing my best isn’t good enough. 

As the light starts to change I remember. Oh! It’s February. I’m not a failure, my brain just ceases to function properly and tells me I am. I start to crawl out of the black hole once I realize that I’m in it and by the next fall it’s such a distant memory I forget to prepare. It’s hard to get out of something you don’t even realize you’re in. When you’re happy and feeling fine and functional it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to end up back in that place.


One of these years I’ll have enough money to take the whole month off from work and take a trip to avoid the usual daily routines that become so difficult by having unusual daily activities in a new location. Taking 2 weeks off is one of the few things I’ve experienced that when I looked back I was like “oh, hey! that February didn’t suck!” Do you have things you’ve done that help you through the winter darkness?


I’ve set a reminder on my calendar for January 2020 so I don’t forget. 

Ps - started a new painting. It’s probably going to be titled “Don’t get sucked into the black hole” - maybe I’ll hang it in my bedroom as a reminder.

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Giving Report 2019

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New changes are being made to charitable giving in 2019 - I decided I didn't want the amount given to a charity to be directly tied to what someone purchased. 

When I started donating through my business, it was easy to tie an environmental organization to the theme of a ring design (Tree bark Rings = American Forest Foundation). I support humanitarian organizations too, but there wasn't as clear of a path to connecting "sales of this item to this group". 

I feel like there is never enough being done to help protect our planet or the people who are not in a place of power. So I want to help bring awareness to organizations who are working towards making the world a better place for future generations, whether it is through trying to protect our natural resources or fighting against injustice and intolerance. While I can't volunteer to help out all these organizations, I can do what I do best (being an artist) and give financially to help support them all.  

Helping Nature

American Forest Foundation

Great Lakes Alliance

National Park Foundation

Ocean Conservancy

Planetary Society

Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Sierra Club

Helping People



Homes for Our Troops

Plan International

Satchidananda Ashram/Yogaville

Southern Poverty Law Center



All organizations listed receive financial support from me through sales of my art - jewelry, drawings, paintings, etc.

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Instagram 3k Follower Giveaway!

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IG giveaway
As a big thank you and a way for me to make another landscape ring, I'm giving away a custom ring to one lucky winner. The metal will be palladium sterling silver, and the design, width and of course, size, will be the customer's choice. Design choices are not limited to the ones in this photo, but any in the landscape section here on my website may be chosen. A small moissanite can also be added.
Entering is easy! All you have to do is:
1. Follow me on IG - @bethcyrjewelry
2. Like the post with the above image
3. Tag a friend (in that post) you'd love to spend time outdoors with - hiking through a forest, climbing a mountain, hanging out on a beach...
- You can tag more than one friend, but each new tag must be in a new comment. If you add 2 friends in one comment, it will only count as one entry.
Additional ways to enter if you really, really want to win:
1. Share the post in your IG feed or a story, make sure to tag me @bethcyrjewelry and use #bethcyrjewelry so I can find you.
If your account is private (and we're not already friends), you have to let me know you shared. (this will count as 1 additional entry)
2. Join my email list and let me know you did - either on IG, email or message me here  If you're already on my email list you'll automatically be entered an additional time as long as you also follow me here and tag a friend - and let me know you're already on my email list. (this will count as 1 additional entry)
3. Purchase any ready to ship jewelry item from my website and receive an additional 10 entries.
Entries must be made by Saturday July 21st, midnight PDT. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the IG post at noon PDT, Monday July 23rd and will be contacted via direct message. In order to accept, you must respond w/ in 72 hours or another winner will be chosen. Open to US residents only, 18+. First class shipping included with giveaway. No purchase is necessary. Completion of the ring may take up to 6 weeks. Not associated with IG in any way whatsoever.
And thanks for following! 3k feels like a big deal, so I wanted to give away something special.
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