Inktober 2020 - Starts today!

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I'm excited for the upcoming inktober drawing series. It starts today! Sign up for my newsletter to get the daily updates. 

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Equinox Special - Space and Time buy one get one offer + new meteorite pieces

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Happy New Moon time! In celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, I'm having a special on my Space and Time series starting today. I've expanded my offerings and now have 11x14 available as well as 4 new designs listed. I'm really excited about the new larger size and feel like 11x14 is just right. I especially love it in a collage mixed with the smaller sizes.

Sale details: Buy any 8x10 or larger and get a 5x7 for free. Mix and match any designs in the Space and Time series. Use code Equinox2020 - add an 8x10, 8.5x11 or 11x14 to your cart with a 5x7 and the 5x7 will show up as free once the code is added. Buy a few for yourself and have a few gifts ready to give for the holidays. I know it seems far away, but with the way this year has been, it's going to be here before you know it.

Sale ends Sept 22nd (midnight PST) - Equinox + Libra season!

Astral Collection
- The meteorites have been calling again and I'm excited to be adding to the astral collection. I have quite a few ideas for new offerings for the holidays - including pre-orders of pendants and custom sized rings. Here is one of the newest pieces that is ready to ship. It's so magical. I'll be adding new ready to ship meteorite pieces consistently over the next couple of months.


Side notes:

* I'm still working on getting ring prices raised to meet the drastic increase in metal cost. It's a tedious affair and is taking me a long time to get them all updated. I just like for people to know that if they're looking at something, the price might be changing (or has recently been changed)

* I have a list of things I'm working on for holiday time. If there is something in particular you're thinking you would like, please let me know.

Lots of love and big virtual hugs,



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Not Business As Usual

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Hey Friends, 

*This is a note that went out to my email newsletter, but I am posting it here as well for anti-racism resources for my white friends/followers - and this is being linked to from my social media accounts. *


Things are not business as usual, nor should they be. There is massive change brewing which our country desperately needs. Much of my energy and attention since my email last week has been spent diving into my anti-racism work. BIPOC folks, know that I stand with you and for you. White supremacy is not welcome here.

If you are white and you have not taken a stand and spoken out, I urge you to do so. If you are struggling to understand, consider the feelings of your black co-workers, clients and connections. Black.Lives.Matter. Staying silent at this critical juncture says otherwise. If you are white, it may cause discomfort to speak out but lives are on the line. We have to stand up.

If you want to join me in this work and need resources - please see these links below.

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

These are similar, but with important differences so I'm including both.


For those that ordered prints last week, please know that they are all just about ready to be shipped out. Part of the offering is intuitively picking the piece that I think will be best for the individual receiving the art and creating that connection for insight just has not been possible.

There are still more free Gift From The Universe prints available - special thanks to those that donated to add more to the pool of free prints. If the listing doesn't say sold out, there are still ones available.

Love and solidarity,



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#GivingTuesdayNow + Together Rising

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is this coming Tuesday, May 5th. I’ll be donating 50% of all sales from now until 8:00pm on Tues. to . For each print ordered, I’ll be including one of the new notecards I’ve been working on as a gift (you can request fir, oak or gingko if you have a preference). Not interested in getting a print? Please consider donating directly to  - or any charity you want to support.

So often we feel powerless when we see heartbreaking things happening in the world, then we may feel grateful for what we have, or guilty that we are doing okay when others are suffering so greatly, or the knowledge that we are suffering too and what little we might have to give won’t make a difference. I knew I wanted to give something for Giving Tuesday Now, but wasn’t sure which organization I would choose. When I saw a recent from Together Rising, it became an easy choice.

From their website - “Together Rising transforms collective heartbreak into effective action. In a world where crises abound and heartbreak is in every community, people who want to help often don’t know where to turn. Together Rising is where to turn.”

Donating to organizations that are doing amazing things is something I’ve tried to do since the beginning of my business. About 14 years ago I remember seeing Oprah talk about the and was so moved that one of my first jewelry shows/sales as a full time artist was to raise money to donate to their work. I’ve since donated thousands of dollars to more than that I think do inspiring work for the environment and humanity. It doesn’t feel like much at any single given time, but I know sometimes small things can make a big difference.

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Big Announcement on Custom Orders

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While this announcement won't affect most people, it is really important for me to announce anyway.

I'll preface by saying, I will still be making made to order wedding rings - as listed on my site.

For the time being, I have suspended accepting custom orders outside of the standard listings - for jewelry or artwork. Any orders that I currently have will be fulfilled, and if we had discussed something, but no deposit had been made, please feel free to reach out.

Read on for a full in depth discovery:

The bulk of my business for the last 14.5 years has been custom and made to order wedding rings. I've prided myself on being able to work well with customers to create beautiful unique rings, despite having never met them in person or having talked with them on the phone. It has felt like a real skill and maybe even a talent. A lot of my website SEO has been focused on attracting customers that want one of a kind nature inspired rings. I've taken many customers' ideas and created designs that made my heart happy. I've often appreciated how I never would have created some designs without having been asked to and how it stretched my skills and how good it felt to have created that piece. I've also created some designs that I wasn't super excited about, but seemed to be just what the customer wanted.

There are so many things that I've appreciated about the process and I always remind myself of these things when faced with another custom order I'm not initially enthused by. I've seen a pattern in my behavior over the past couple of years that it would take me longer and longer to be able to finish a custom order. Part of my process has been that I think about it for awhile, almost creating a 3d model in my brain, so that when I sit down to create, it just happens really quickly b/c I've already done the work in my head. This time is never accounted for and it has been really draining the more resistance I felt to making someone else's vision a reality.

I haven't totally understood where this resistance was coming from until yesterday. For the most part, I created a loose style, and put it out there, asking for customers to come in and let me create for them, what they wanted. I had a wonderful feeling of comfort and security in having a list of orders, doing what other people wanted, and being able to fulfill that. I have had a ridiculous drive to be "perfect" and always felt like I was happy to go above and beyond to make sure everything was just right. Almost every order I've mailed out is tinged with fear that something would be wrong and a hope that everything would be just right.

I wanted to avoid anyone's disappointment by being perfect.

I'm pretty sure listening to Brené Brown nonstop over the past couple weeks has led me to this place. It's how I grew up and how I spent the first 33 years of my life interacting with those that were closest to me. I started to break away from many of those patterns in my personal life about 7 years ago. But it has also been a foundation of my business. It has been comfortable for me to base what I am doing on what other people want me to do. It is uncomfortable for me to choose what I want to do over what I feel like is expected of me by other people. And when you run your own business, coming to this conclusion feels a bit unsettling. Especially when one of the main reasons I work for myself is that I don't want to do what someone else tells me to do. Quite contradictory I know.

Combine this with the fact that I have tied in my idea of self worth with how many orders I have coming in, how much money I've made, etc. 

And I can see how when I have a slow month, everything starts to come crashing down. In my head, I create this space during slow times that is filled with fun things and creativity and getting ahead and doing all those things I want to do but don't have time for when I'm busy. 

But that isn't what happens. As things start to slow, I start to freeze up and panic. I question what I am doing, why am I doing it, why does no one want what I'm offering, what have I done wrong, am I not marketing properly and so on. Wedding season is seasonal and the same cycle happens every. single. year. And yet I still have the same response. I wonder if my business is over and will I be able to hold out until things pick up again. I want to scramble to make sales in anyway I can. I DO NOT take the time to do fun things, get things done on my wish list of projects, get ahead etc. I become paralyzed waiting for someone to tell me what to do (via getting an order to make some rings)

What has felt comfortable and secure in waiting for orders and always just doing what other people want from me, has started to become uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable but I hadn't fully seen it for what it was.

It is scary and vulnerable to create new things and wonder if they will be appreciated or accepted. It can be heartbreaking to work on something I love and present it to the world only to hear crickets. I want to grab it back and shove it in my heart for safe keeping. I think it is why so many people create based upon what they think people want, what is trendy, or outright copying someone else's work.

It is so much more comfortable to have my sales come from photos of objects yet to be created, knowing that what I am creating is wanted. Just because I designed it to begin with doesn't really change the fact that I have largely been a factory for my own work. It is the reason why I make every ring to order and don't work from molds, because then at least a little spark of that divine original creativity is infused in each piece.

My creativity feels endless, and incredibly sacred. I've wanted to protect it and myself from being too vulnerable and being rejected. I'm a pretty sensitive being and it is hard for me to see the point of creating something no one else wants. It can feel heartbreaking for creations to pile up and feel unloved. Over the past couple of years, I've been creating more and more new things that have been offered up and accepted. I wonder if I was waiting for a threshold to be reached - more orders from ready to ship items than from made to order items. With wedding season being crushed by the need for social distancing (among other things), my orders have dropped to nearly zero. And in the dead silence of the pandemic I've been able to uncover so many of my issues and unhealthy ways of living in the world.

It has been painful and exhausting and now that I'm coming out the other side, it is starting to feel a bit liberating. I can no longer hide behind the list of orders that needs to be made, only working on what other people want and feeling comfortable but unfulfilled. I am being given an opportunity to heal and grow in entirely unexpected ways and I'm going to take it and roll around in it like a cat in catnip.

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