Connecting You To Something Deeper

We are so much more than we think we are, more than just our thoughts and bodies. Our egos tend to be front and center in our lives and color everything we think, say, do, feel. Occasionally we get glimpses of that true self and it feels powerful and amazing. We may see it in the eyes of our most beloved. Feel it when we walk in nature. Experience it through deep meditation. It is my hope that my creations will help you remember that deep, indescribable connection to the world and universe around you.

Tread Lightly On Our Earth

Does your love for nature go hand-in-hand with your desire to buy eco-friendly? All of my jewelry is made with recycled precious metals so your purchase won’t contribute to new precious metal mining, which is disastrous for the environment and the people affected by the industry. The paper I use for my art and prints is 100% cotton, which is a much more sustainable option to paper made from wood pulp/trees. And wherever possible, I use recycled packaging materials to make Beth Cyr art and jewelry as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. I do my best to choose the most eco-friendly and sustainable options for each stage of my processes.