Made to Order Ring Details

simplicity rings

There are 6 slots available each month.

July 2024 - 6 Available

5 slots for rings of a minimum of $500 and 1 slot for a ring with a minimum of $200. The line above will be updated so you will know if here are any slots available. 

Designs currently being offered: 

Tree Bark, Simplicity, Worn Texture, Simple Hammered, Layered Multi-Hammered (previously love rocks) - you may ask about others, but no promises.

Metals being offered:

14k and 18k yellow gold, rose gold, palladium white gold and palladium sterling silver.

Timelines will usually be in the 2 - 4 week range, however, may be as long as 6 weeks depending on my schedule.

Email to be approved for your order - use subject line: Made to Order Ring and include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Design: Tree Bark, Simplicity, Simple Hammered, Layered Hammered, Worn
  3. Metal: (14k or 18k) Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium White Gold, Palladium Sterling Silver
  4. Ring width: 2mm - 10mm
  5. Ring size: sizes offered 1 and 16 - 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 sizes available


  1. Beth Cyr
  2. Tree Bark
  3. 14k yellow gold
  4. 3mm
  5. Size 4 3/8

Prices are based on each detail. If 2 rings are desired, please make 2 different lists.

A price quote will be given within 48 hours. There is no obligation for receiving a quote. The quote will be honored for an additional 48 hours. A 50% deposit must be made in that time or risk losing a spot and a new quote will be needed. Payment in full can also be made. The full balance is required before shipping. You will receive a link with the quote to pay the deposit.

For a quote, all details must be entered - if you do not know your ring size, please get that ahead of time. Ring sizer kits can be ordered here if that is easiest for you.

A small caveat, if 2 rings are being ordered together the combined total can be $1000, ex: an $800 and a $400 ring

The deposit is non-refundable.

To view photos and details of the rings:

Available Made to Order Ring Designs


For a general idea of prices estimates with different designs/metals/sizes/widths

2mm 14k yellow gold simplicity sz 6 - $560

8mm 14k rose gold tree bark sz 9 - $2500

10mm simple hammered palladium sterling silver sz 10 - $385

6mm 14k palladium white gold layered hammered sz 7 - $1990

4mm 14k yellow gold worn texture sz 8 - $1130