#MarchForSmallBusiness - commit to supporting your favorite small business by March 31st

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Would you be willing to commit to spending $5, $50, or more at a small business before March 31st?

I’d like your help in starting a campaign to #marchforsmallbusiness

It’s a virtual march to the end of March to raise awareness of all the small businesses that rely on your support. Many exist within the smallest of margins month after month. Taking a week off may not be possible, much less 2, 8 or for an unknown period of time. Those of us that have a virtual presence at least have the ability to still earn an income, but most of us don’t provide essential services like health care or food producers and are already feeling the loss of income.

While dollar amounts are important, the value of support from an individual cannot be quantified. Someone making even a $5 purchase can provide hope things will pick up again soon. Small purchases add up and knowing that someone wants to support you can shift your entire mindset.

Use the hashtag to:

°Share your commitment to spend any amount with a small business

°Promote your favorite small business, artist, self employed friend

°Ask for help - I know it can be hard to do, but there are people that can help, and will, if they know who and how to help

Please share on IG, Twitter, and FB

Artists/Designers - if you want, please create your own graphics to show off your work.

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Now offering: Website Reviews with a free 15 minute intro session

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This is something I've been thinking about doing for years. I love giving feedback on websites and am really good at it because I'm so detail oriented. I recently did started offering it as a service and did quite a few test runs and it went really well so I'm now making it available to the general public.

If you've created your own website, you know the struggle of spending hours on a computer and becoming numb to all the details on your site. Maybe you've read over your about page 10 times or struggled to get the banner just right so it's not blurry, not too big or too small. After awhile, the stress leads to mistakes you no longer see. At some point it feels like it's good enough and gets the "done!" stamp as you release it in to the wild, deciding it's totally fine. And you're right, it is fine. It is better to get it out there in the world than to hold on to it until it's perfect - because it will never be. You'll always want to change and update and that is completely natural, links will become broken through no fault of your own, or phone updates change the way something shows up.

Maybe you had some friends look over your site and everyone said, "Hey! That looks great! Good job you!" and you're feeling good about it.

A few months later:

You notice a weird typo - damn incorrect autocorrect!

A friend tells you a link is broken.

You look at your site on your phone and notice that banner you spent so long on looks totally off.

A client finds text overlapping an image that hadn't shown up before (or had it?!)

You start to wonder... how many people have noticed these things, and how many more things like this are there?!

I notice these things on other people's sites all the time. It is so much harder to see them on my own site, and I know the same is true for others. Which is why I offer this service. I'm that helpful friend that provides you with constructive, detailed feedback, sees that apostrophe that is missing, finds that big gap in text that only shows up on mobile devices, clicks all the links to find the single broken one. I may not find every single thing, but I will find a lot. All combined, they'll give your website a dust off that allows you, your content and offerings to shine more brightly.

In some cases I may provide feedback that is a bit more subjective if it is something I feel could improve the site or the way your material is presented. I might find something confusing or clunky feeling that could be easily remedied.

I will look at your site as a detail oriented client or potential collector. I will not be looking at it as a web developer, because I am not that at all. I most likely won't be able to give advice on how to fix technical issues.

I specialize in looking at sites for artists and creatives, health/wellness, coaches/spiritual teachers.

I'm offering 4 different options, one being a free15 minute review - you can check out more info here: 

15 min free website review

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A Gift From the Universe - valentine's edition

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Hey Friends! 

I'm having a Valentine's weekend special! Even though I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, I do celebrate love.

Buy any item for yourself, jewelry or art, and I'll send a free 5x7 art print to a loved one as a Gift From the Universe. 

What is a Gift From the Universe? It is an anonymous gift sent directly to someone you love. It comes with a special note seen below. 

Simply provide the extra recipient address when ordering (in the note to seller box) and I'll ship it to them free of charge. This offer will be available now through Monday, Feb. 17th. More details: A free print can be shipped for each item purchased - ex: purchase 3 items and I'll send free prints to 3 different people, or 3 to the same person.

The free print will most likely be from the Space and Time series and include metallic embellishment, though the free print will be of equal or lesser value to the item/s purchased. So if the item ordered is less than $25 (value of a 5 x 7 print from the S&T collection) a different print will be shipped as the free print. Feel free to ask for a specific image, I may be able to fulfill your request.

The free print offer is only available to be shipped directly to the recipient.

Shipping internationally unfortunately will not be free, but the offer for the free print is still available.

Additionally, you can purchase any item and make it a Gift From the Universe. See the listing here.


-By loving ourselves, we increase the amount of love in the world.-

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New Offering - Art Use Permission

Posted by Alex Kroh on

If you've been interested in using my art for a tattoo, tshirt or other item, now you can get permission to use my artwork! In some cases a digital file will be sent. If the artwork is for a tattoo, I'll also include a "permission slip" for the tattoo artist so they know that permission has been given to use the art.

Let me know what you're wanting and I'll let you know what the fee would be for that item. Prices will vary depending on the use and if any additional work is required from me.

See the listing for more details

art use permission


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New Offering - Make any purchase an anonymous gift

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I was so inspired by my last project, sending the anonymous Gift From The Universe prints, I decided it would be a fun add on to any purchase. You can now make any item an anonymous gift from the Universe. Simply add this listing to the item you are purchasing and include the recipient's address and I'll mail the item with the Gift From The Universe note. The return address also says "A Gift From The Universe" instead of my name.

Why send an anonymous gift? So many reasons, but here are a few: 

  • You have a friend that has been having a hard time and they aren’t the type to accept help or gifts.
  • You’ve been estranged from a loved one.
  • You have a lot of money but don’t want the recipient to feel bad for not being able to reciprocate.
  • You don't have a lot of money and just want to send love more than anything else and giving a small inexpensive gift just doesn't express what you want to say.
  • You just want someone to know they’re loved way beyond what you can say.
  • You have a hard time showing love to those you love the most.

There are so many reasons you may want to let someone know that they’re loved without claiming the credit for sending them a sweet message.

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