A Leo Full Moon message

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I have a desire to heal (people) through art . Not in an overt - read-it-in-my-artist-statement - kind of way, but in a soft subtle unconscious way. That after a few moments of looking at one of my pieces, something tangled starts to loosen, or something askew starts to align. Nothing big and flashy that makes you go "Wow!", something so gentle, days later you might realize something feels different, better, more like yourself. Something so deep it's difficult to see. You may have no idea why or where that healing came from and it doesn't matter.

It's a secret magic. One that I don't know, how it might open your heart or change your mind.

I can't and don't make promises. How can I know, the intricacies of your being? 

I know that I am tapped in to something beyond myself - something that is also connected to you. 

I won't pretend to put words to it, explain it or make up some flowery description.

It's something that can't be confined to the language, the words, we have.

Years ago I "heard" the phrase Connecting you to something deeper and it became my tagline, my business subtitle. What something? I don't know the answer for you. The vaguery is just right. I believe there is a connection between us that knows the answer and doesn't need to be explained.

This is one of the difficulties I've had in determining what it is that I want to do or even what it is that I do. I can't name it for you, I can only know it is for you, one of you, or many of you.

It is not tangible. I know it when I feel it and have faith that those that need it will too. 

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It started with a thought...

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I was drawing the other day and wondered "Do black post-its" exist? (Also should it be post-it's?!) 

I have some old prints and some extra random prints that I thought I might start to include randomly in some orders I send out - when I get a nudge to include something I think the person might like. And I like use little sticky notes on a print or something extra just as a way to note the extra item. 

Turns out black post it notes do exist!

(see what I did there - just add notes and then I don't have to wonder about the apostrophe for plural post-its... it's just plural, not possessive, buttttt it's not a contraction! really it does not matter. And I can just be off brand and say sticky notes)

Then I had a really important through come through today and wanted to write it down so I would remember it. And then I thought it would be fun to share and maybe turn it in to some little project. Maybe a big project? Because that's how these things go sometimes, a small thought turns in to something much bigger. 

Things like this, when they happen, feel magical. I can see these steps from one to the next so clearly. They can seem small and insignificant, but often those clearly connected points lead somewhere really powerful. And if I can keep following it, it can lead me somewhere really amazing and unpredictable. (For my human design lovers - my generator is RESPONDING and I can feel it.)

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Do you eat while not doing anything else?

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Do you eat while not doing anything else?

I would venture to think that very few people do. Most people at least eat with another person and talk. Or write emails, or watch tv, or scroll social media or read a book or watch something through a window. 

It can be hard to just sit and eat, at least for me. It is actually easier to sit and meditate and close my eyes and focus on a mantra. SO much easier. 

But sitting and eating, particularly when I am in the habit of doing something else while eating, is a real practice. 

My brain goes wild! Like a small rambunctious child locked in a room full of toys but told they can't play with any of them - my brain throwing out suggestion after suggestion trying to tempt me in to doing something. 

I could send that text to my sweetie.

...check my email.

...print more cards.

...look up that thing I wanted to research. 

...watch that show I've been watching. 

...read that book

...listen to that podcast or audiobook

...write this blog post!

Something, ANYTHING. 

I chose to watch all the thoughts - instead of trying to focus on what I was eating, though that would be a good practice too, I wanted to see all the things that would come up. There were so many, it was actually quite humorous. My brain was out of control and I just kept eating, letting it ping around trying to find the most tempting thing that would draw me in to doing something other than just eating. 

For the most part, I was successful, until I realized I got up to put my bowl in the sink before I'd even finished chewing the last bite. 

Maybe I'll try that tomorrow. 

If you normally do things while eating, give it a try and let me know how it goes! Does your brain come up with a million and one things it could be doing instead of simply nourishing your body?

If you're interested in meditating and don't know where to start, this could be a good thing to try - doing activities mindfully and singly, like driving without listening to a podcast or music, or brushing your teeth without doing something else, or washing the dishes while just focusing on washing the dishes.

A lot of these things, just doing them alone, feel so boring! At least that is what the whiny part of my brain says. AND what an opportunity! We so rarely let ourselves get bored and there is great creativity that can come through that boredom. 

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Books I’m committed to for 2022

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Book reading list for 2022

There are other books I'm planning on reading as well, but I'm trying something new this year and creating a commitment to finish these. Not just start, but finish. (Because some of these I have actually started, though just a chapter or two)

Some I will read in "real" book form, others will be via Libby on my phone, or audiobooks.

If you're not familiar with Libby - check with your local library. Different areas use different apps for the ability to read books or listen to audiobooks just like if you checked them out from the library. It is AMAZING. With Libby, you can put books on hold and have up to 5 checked out at a time. It can be a great way to read samples or listen to samples of audiobooks. 

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Shipping Info for end of December/January - Dates for Dec. 25th delivery

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Starting Dec 22nd, I will be taking a shipping break until Jan 4. I may get to the studio sooner, but with all the snow and the below freezing days things are a little unusual around here.

Last day for Priority shipping Friday Dec. 17th

Hey friends - it's that time of year when USPS is super busy. Timelines have already been lengthened in the past year or so, but it's going to get even worse for the next 10 days. First class time has passed.

Priority only shipping from now until Friday the 17th. After that, I'm not planning to ship anything that is needed to arrive by the 25th. You're welcome to order, but just know the chance of arriving by a particular time is pretty low. I won't be doing any rush express order shipping.

Anything that is ordered with First class shipping I will assume is not needed in any particular time frame.

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