Was there a jewelry item that inspired me to start making jewelry? Etsymetal Blog Carnival - Apr 2016

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This month's topic: How about this month we discuss that piece/pieces of jewelry that left such an impression on you that you went into jewelry design.

Initially I couldn't really think of anything. The main reason I started making "real" jewelry was that I took a class while in art school and loved it. But thinking back, I definitely made loads of beaded necklaces and braided/knotted thread and hemp necklaces. And I sold them to my friends. But before that, before I even had my ears pierced, I remember looking at this specific jewelry catalogue that had all these cute little animal post earrings. I loved the catalogue and I loved all the earrings. Looking at them made me want to get my ears pierced! 

It is kind of funny because I don't really like post earrings and rarely wear them now. And I don't really make many post earrings either, but I'm sure there is something about that feeling that inspired me to make jewelry. It is such a clear and vivid memory still, 25 years later... 

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