Grey and Gold where have you been?

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

I love making new things. I get inspired easily and jump in. Then I sometimes forget because I got inspired by something else and moved on. I do often circle back though.

The other day I was organizing some photos and realized I had literally forgotten all about this collection!! I love the Grey and Gold collection and had completely put it out of my mind. I felt so bad! Like I’d forgotten a friend.

I sold a bunch when I first launched this collection and in moving on to the next thing have let it sit quietly on my website unattended. But here it is!! There are quite a few more available, these are just some of my favorites. (And reminded me of the rings I shared earlier.)

This collection is unique in that no prints will ever be available of any of them - just the originals. Some of the designs I’ve redrawn with slight variations, but never exact. My brain and my being doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over again.

Shop the Grey and Gold collection.

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