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 Note to self, note to you
I feel this pressure all the time. For two main reasons. One, it feels wasteful. Using ink, paper, paint, etc for something that may just end up in a pile somewhere or worse, the garbage or recycling bin!

The 2nd reasons is particularly strong when I’m feeling financial strain. How can I spend precious time and resources on something that may turn out terribly?

I don’t have great answers for these other than A - hello scarcity mindset, and B - it’s a must. Creating without holding back is when the best magic happens. Creating with the plan of selling often feels slightly constricted. Feelings of “this needs to be good enough” don’t allow for full creative expansion.

I know I’m not alone in these things and at varying times I don’t feel them. They’re really strong right now though and it feels nearly paralyzing.

So I made this note for you and me as a reminder for when we need it again.

And it’s totally my day 39 for #100daysofgold

*some might note sellable vs saleable - there seems to be a very narrow distinction between the two. I think for this note either could be used! I prefer sellable though.

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