Shipping, Travel, and more! Spring 2023 Updates

Posted by Beth Cyr on

path through the trees

This Spring is going to be very busy and very unusual. I will be traveling most of April and May - by car! Down through CA (I get to see the Redwoods finally!!!) and across to GA, to CT, back to GA and then back to WA through the middle of the country. 

I will be providing updates along the way somehow, definitely through Patreon to subscribers, though also some updates either here on my blog, through my email newsletter or through IG. I've been so busy with other things, including getting ready to be traveling that a lot of things just haven't been decided yet! I feel like if I say something specific it will change, so not saying yet until I get going.

I will have a friend using my studio while I'm gone. It all worked out so easily and I'm grateful my studio won't be lonely while I am away. It will be getting some updates when I return so it'll be interesting to see what the next phase might be!

I will be working on my 100 day project while I am traveling. 100 Things I Learned in the last year. 

It was the biggest year I've ever had in terms of upheaval and personal growth and a lot to make note of and share. 

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