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This listing is for adding engraving to the inside of your ring. Full details can be seen on my engraving page, including visuals of font choices. 

This is for in the inside of rings only, not the outside or on a flat surface.

Short - 10 or less characters

Medium - 11 to 19 characters

Long - 20+ characters or specific spacing requests

Please choose single or pair depending on how many rings are being engraved.

Make sure the qty is 1. If you want different messages on each ring, please make a note as to which ring goes with which message.

Ex: 3mm ring: I love you.

5mm ring: I know.

If you want a different font for each ring, you will need to add them to your cart separately.

The cost is between $10-$20 per ring depending on the number of characters. The number of letters/words that can be engraved depend on the size of the ring and a little on which font is chosen. The block styles do take up a little bit more space. On average, I would say most ring sizes could handle at least 25 - 30 character spaces (counting the letters and spaces in between words) Larger rings closer to 40 - 45, maybe more. Makers mark and alloy stamps will be included if there is adequate space. If it doesn't seem to fit w/ the engraving, it may be left off. If you have a preference, please let me know. 

Small block is the only font that will work for a 2mm band. Depending on the message, some fonts might not work for 3mm bands.

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