About Beth Cyr Art & Jewelry

I make Art Jewelry with the Earth in mind. Inspired by textures and themes in nature. Beth Cyr art and jewelry is for the nature lover. It's organic, subtle and unique. It is most definitely not geometric or based on what's trending. Whether you've hiked the Appalachian Trail or simply like to go for a walk in a park on your lunch break, you appreciate the peace and beauty that nature offers.

I hope to bring you that same peace and beauty with my art and jewelry.

Star Gazing Down to Earth

When I was younger, there was a painting I recreated many times. It was a tree on a hill, just past twilight, with a deep blue sky full of stars. Sometimes when I look at my jewelry collections, I feel like they are islands of inspiration. There's earthy stuff and tree stuff and star stuff, but all together they're like the painting. Trees connect the solid, grounding energy of the earth with the wide open beauty of the sky. My latest obsession - meteorites - speak to the mysteries of the universe, the excitement of seeing a shooting star and looking towards endless possibilities. From this vision I started creating artwork with these themes in 2D and 3D. The artwork is creating the connections between all the different themes I love so much. More projects are always on the horizon!

Slow Fashion
It's a term that's been around for a little bit. And I love it. Having a curiosity about where the items you purchase come from and how they are made is the direction our society needs to be moving. Not mass produced with the idea of creating more and more waste in the world, but thoughtfully handcrafted with the environment and real people in mind. If you're willing to spend a $100 on a pair of jeans you wear every day, why spend $10 on a cheap pair of earrings that came from who knows where? Quality and sustainability are prioritized over quantity and excess. It is how I want to live my life, and how most of my customers want to live theirs.
While I am no longer making custom wedding and engagement rings, this statement extends to all my offerings - I will lovingly share my work with anyone and everyone that is opening to accepting the connection we all share. I am very fond of making rings for queer and same sex couples.

About Beth

My life is ever evolving and updating an about page is very interesting. I am a full time artist, and have been studying Human Design in depth and am currently in an Embodied Intimacy and Relationship Coach Training. I will always be an artist, but might be embarking on a new career path soon. Considering the number of years I've made wedding rings and my relationship path, relationship coaching really does make senes! A number of years ago the tag line "Connecting you to something deeper" appeared - it is an all encompassing message that pertains to anything I'm doing. 

In 2017 I moved to Washington state from Athens, GA where I lived for almost 20 years. Previous to Athens I lived a few places but the PNW feels like home more than anywhere ever has. My studio is located in Port Townsend. 

My artwork and jewelry is deeply inspired by the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and the night sky. I make jewelry as well and work in a variety of other artistic mediums. My paintings and drawings are evolving, but mostly are black and white ink. It feels most soothing to me.

I'm also an Integral Yoga and meditation teacher.

I work in a fabulous studio full of tools I've been collecting over the past 20 years. I suppose "tool collecting" could be considered a hobby. I'm pretty minimalist in my life outside of the studio, just not with my tools.

I graduated from the Univ. of GA in 2003 with a degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and am so happy I've been able to make it my job. For most of the last 19 years, the main part of my business had been wedding rings. Things have been shifting a lot and writing something permanent about what I'm currently doing doesn't really make sense. 

photos of beth cyr working

I love what I do and take pride not only in my work, but in the service I am able to provide to the clients and collectors I have! I like to think that it's not just a ring or piece of art that I'm selling, but a little token of beauty, love and happiness that brings a sense of peace and connection. It comes from a place of love and goes to a home where it will be loved.

Trees are my favorite, though nature in general is extraordinarily inspiring. There are so many amazing textures and elements. When you're as detail oriented as I am, the inspiration is endless. It's fun to do research and learn about so many different aspects of the world around us. I'm constantly thinking of new jewelry and art ideas, projects and what I can learn next. Pinterest inspiration boards are so fabulous! Getting out in nature is obviously the best - we make a point to take a hike, even just a short one, at least once a month. 

All the metal I use is 100% recycled.

On the art front - I work towards the same goals. The paper I use is a 100% cotton rag (prints and originals), which is a much more sustainable option than anything made from trees. The pens I use are refillable and have replaceable nibs. When looking to make new products I'm always looking for the most sustainable options and choosing to support small business whenever possible.

Giving Back

A portion of sales is donated to these organizations throughout the year 

Helping Nature

American Forest Foundation

Great Lakes Alliance

National Park Foundation

Ocean Conservancy

Planetary Society

Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Helping People


Homes for Our Troops

Satchidananda Ashram/Yogaville

Southern Poverty Law Center


I am no longer making custom or made to order items.


Top three photos by Jen Lee Light.