Inktober 2021

Thanks so much for signing up for Inktober 2021 Updates! 

I'll email each weekday with the drawing of the day (Monday will have the weekend's drawings) and Fridays will be release day for the previous week's drawings. I'll announce the time of the first release later next week.

Release Days

Oct. 8th

Oct 15th

Oct 22nd

Oct 29th

Nov. 1st (it's a monday... and will only have 2 obviously)

Please note, if you decide part way that you no longer want to receive the Inktober emails, but want to stay on the regular list, let me know and I can remove you from the special list. If you click unsubscribe, you'll be removed from the entire email list, not just the inktober one.


Want to check out last year's drawings? You can still purchase a few originals and I did prints of most of them as well.