How to Size For Your Handmade Ring

Ring Sizer Kits are available for all your sizing needs.

I can make rings from size 1 - 16 including 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 sizes. Since each ring is made to order “from scratch”, I can make exactly the size you need. For international sizes, I use this chart and have found it to be quite accurate for conversions.

As far as sizing for fit - Most hands do change throughout the year, generally a little smaller in the winter and larger during the hottest months of the summer. Time of day can also affect sizing. Personally, my fingers are larger in the morning but after I get up and moving they are back to their normal size.

Different people like a different fit for their rings. For a band, I prefer something as loose as possible but never falls off. There are times during the winter when it gets close, but never does. And for the summer, it's just perfect. For a top heavy ring with a stone, I like a little tighter fit. I do not like when a ring is too tight - it makes me feel constricted and I find it really uncomfortable. Other people wear rings so tight that they can't come off and they don't find it to be a problem at all. The shape of the finger can have an effect too as to what would be comfortable for you. Some fingers are very slender and it doesn't take much for the sizing to be off. Other fingers are more "curvy" and as long as the ring can go over the knuckle, a full range of sizes will fit and be fine. The width of the ring can also affect the size of the ring. A narrow band can be much smaller and fit just fine, but for a wider ring (depending on how wide you get) The size may need to be 1/2 or even a full size larger. One of my fingers I can wear anywhere from a 5 (very narrow band), to a 6.5 (very wide 15mm+)

The ring sizers I offer are around 4mm which is a pretty standard width for most of my rings (4 - 6mm).

If you are sized at a jewelry store, make sure they use sizers that are close to the width of the ring you are interested in. Or try rings on that are the same width you want.

For the majority of my rings, it is easy to size them up a 1/4 or 1/2 size. Sizing down often requires remaking the entire ring. The subtlety and love rocks bands are the easiest to size up or down.

Please, please do not use anything on the internet that has been printed out or attempt to use a strip of paper and then measure it. This usually is off by several sizes and does not work well at all.

My ring sizer kits come with complete instructions and are accurate to my ring mandrels.