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January's topic:  "What has impacted you recently?" (and how/why?) ( a book you read, movie you saw, something happening in the world around you, something someone said to you....What made you stop and think? Maybe it expanded your mind, or you learned something new as a result, or think something new?)

Two things come to mind fairly quickly. One is that I've been reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It is a great tool for looking deeply at how all things in our lives, past and present, affect the way we are creative. 

The second is the new challenge I started at the beginning of the year to make something every day. I love it!!! It is by far the best challenge I've started and I know I will finish this one. It is so freeing to just have the mentality of making something, anything. The fact that it doesn't have to be jewelry is super great. I tend to work slow and most of my processes mean it takes several days for me to finish a piece, so making one thing a day just didn't really work with the way I make jewelry. But just making something is really fun. It helps me to feel like I've accomplished something every day, even if it is just a small little drawing or an origami napkin when I went out to dinner. I don't have a desire to make jewelry every day, but I definitely have a desire to make something every day. I feel like it makes such a difference in the creativity I feel when making jewelry as well, which is something I'd lost at one point in my career... 

If you're interested in following along with the Make a Day 2016 project - you can follow me on Instagram @bethcyrarts, or you can search Facebook or Instagram for #makeaday2016 or check out the FB group - Make A Day 2016 - and join if you'd like to participate in making something every day! 

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