Productivity tip of the day... or probably the year

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Because chances are I'll not have any more productivity tips! This is my new favorite though. I've been making a list in the morning first thing when I get in the studio. Next to each taskI write a time that I'd like to spend on that item. 

Something like:

Eat: 20 min

Fb: 10 min

Instagram: 10 min

Pinterest: 15 min

Blog: 5 min

Email: 20 min

And then..... I have Siri set a timer. I just hold down the button and say "set timer for 5 min" or whatever the time. Siri often likes to give some witty come back about how she can't take the suspense. It is so much easier than going in and setting the timer manually. It also keeps me realistic with how much time do I really want to spend doing this thing. If the timer goes off and I'm not quite done, that is okay. I can either reset it or just finish up as quickly as possible. 

iPhone timer screenshot

It helps to keep me focused and moving on to each task instead of lagging behind or wasting time. I also think there is something to just saying it out loud, like verbalizing I'm only going to spend 5 minutes doing this thing tricks my brain in to acting accordingly. It is also a good way to realize how much time you actually spend on any one thing. Like setting a timer for 20 min for my email and I finish up in 15. Or setting a timer for this blog post for 5 min and realizing it takes 20 min.  

You should give it a try and let me know how it goes! 

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