A Gift From The Universe

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Don’t you love a surprise gift from the universe? Here is a way to be the one that sends it. As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I had an idea of something to help counteract the energy of the holiday frenzy and I have a new offering - not a sale, but something much better. It is a practice in giving - giving without concern for cost, giving without an expectation of thanks or acknowledgement, giving without the guilt of unequal exchange, giving the gift of love with no strings attached.

This special offer is meant to be an anonymous gift to someone you love. A free art print mailed directly to the recipient.

A note will be included in the package that says: 

A Gift From The Universe - You have been anonymously gifted this artwork so that when you see it you will be reminded that you are loved beyond words.

The shipping recipient must be a different name than the customer/billing address name. While I considered requiring it to be a different address, I realized that the person that might need it the most may be a spouse or child, or someone living in the same house.

Use code ShipLove for free shipping in the US. The code can only be used once per person. With respect for my time and energy I ask that you order no more than 3. If ordering more than one, each will need to be a separate order and free shipping will only be available for 1. Prints may be mailed internationally, however due to the greater cost, I can't offer free shipping out of the US.

There is a limited qty I am offering, though it is a large mystery number. If there is the option for you to order, then prints are still available. This offer will hopefully run through Giving Tuesday - 12/3/19, though it will end sooner if I reach maximum qty before then.

Prints will vary in size (4x6 to 8x10) and design, not limited to the ones shown in the photo. Feel free to share any information about the individual that will be receiving the print. I will be intuitively choosing which image I send, hopefully being guided to send the one that they will connect with the most.

Each print will include the message card shown in the 2nd photo; I will not be able to include any personalized message.

All orders will be shipped between Wednesday 12/4/19 - Friday 12/6/19.

If the recipient name is the same as the billing name, I will try to contact you first to clarify, then cancel the order if I do not hear back.

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