A Leo Full Moon message

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

I have a desire to heal (people) through art . Not in an overt - read-it-in-my-artist-statement - kind of way, but in a soft subtle unconscious way. That after a few moments of looking at one of my pieces, something tangled starts to loosen, or something askew starts to align. Nothing big and flashy that makes you go "Wow!", something so gentle, days later you might realize something feels different, better, more like yourself. Something so deep it's difficult to see. You may have no idea why or where that healing came from and it doesn't matter.

It's a secret magic. One that I don't know, how it might open your heart or change your mind.

I can't and don't make promises. How can I know, the intricacies of your being? 

I know that I am tapped in to something beyond myself - something that is also connected to you. 

I won't pretend to put words to it, explain it or make up some flowery description.

It's something that can't be confined to the language, the words, we have.

Years ago I "heard" the phrase Connecting you to something deeper and it became my tagline, my business subtitle. What something? I don't know the answer for you. The vaguery is just right. I believe there is a connection between us that knows the answer and doesn't need to be explained.

This is one of the difficulties I've had in determining what it is that I want to do or even what it is that I do. I can't name it for you, I can only know it is for you, one of you, or many of you.

It is not tangible. I know it when I feel it and have faith that those that need it will too. 

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