It started with a thought...

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

I was drawing the other day and wondered "Do black post-its" exist? (Also should it be post-it's?!) 

I have some old prints and some extra random prints that I thought I might start to include randomly in some orders I send out - when I get a nudge to include something I think the person might like. And I like use little sticky notes on a print or something extra just as a way to note the extra item. 

Turns out black post it notes do exist!

(see what I did there - just add notes and then I don't have to wonder about the apostrophe for plural post-its... it's just plural, not possessive, buttttt it's not a contraction! really it does not matter. And I can just be off brand and say sticky notes)

Then I had a really important through come through today and wanted to write it down so I would remember it. And then I thought it would be fun to share and maybe turn it in to some little project. Maybe a big project? Because that's how these things go sometimes, a small thought turns in to something much bigger. 

Things like this, when they happen, feel magical. I can see these steps from one to the next so clearly. They can seem small and insignificant, but often those clearly connected points lead somewhere really powerful. And if I can keep following it, it can lead me somewhere really amazing and unpredictable. (For my human design lovers - my generator is RESPONDING and I can feel it.)

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