#MarchForSmallBusiness - commit to supporting your favorite small business by March 31st

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Would you be willing to commit to spending $5, $50, or more at a small business before March 31st?

I’d like your help in starting a campaign to #marchforsmallbusiness

It’s a virtual march to the end of March to raise awareness of all the small businesses that rely on your support. Many exist within the smallest of margins month after month. Taking a week off may not be possible, much less 2, 8 or for an unknown period of time. Those of us that have a virtual presence at least have the ability to still earn an income, but most of us don’t provide essential services like health care or food producers and are already feeling the loss of income.

While dollar amounts are important, the value of support from an individual cannot be quantified. Someone making even a $5 purchase can provide hope things will pick up again soon. Small purchases add up and knowing that someone wants to support you can shift your entire mindset.

Use the hashtag to:

°Share your commitment to spend any amount with a small business

°Promote your favorite small business, artist, self employed friend

°Ask for help - I know it can be hard to do, but there are people that can help, and will, if they know who and how to help

Please share on IG, Twitter, and FB

Artists/Designers - if you want, please create your own graphics to show off your work.

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