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Hey friends!

First things first - shipping is still happening - read on if you want more details.


It sure is a crazy time right now isn't it?! Some days I don't know what is going on at all and I'm sure most of you don't either, who does?!

I'm fortunate that being in my studio does not involve being around other people at all. And being a somewhat anxious person, I'm all about taking precautions and being careful with everything. I'm also really fortunate to live in a small rural community where most people naturally isolate themselves. 

My studio time is limited, but I am able to ship on a somewhat regular schedule. Shipping happens Mon. - Wed. Packages get picked up and I don't have to interact with anyone when they are picked up, or they get dropped in a drop box.


I am generally out of the studio Thurs. - Sun. planting trees, digging in the dirt and working on our property. While many things are shut down right now, nature is not and spring is here. Trees are budding and things need to happen on schedule. It is possible being outside, shoveling and pick-axing are the things that have kept me most sane while it feels like my business, along with most other small businesses, are being extraordinarily affected (ie crushed, annihilated, held in limbo, put on life support, etc) Alex is only working part time, so it means we can both take time to get the trees planted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

It is really hard to get a good photo of the trees, so here is a bad photo of the last row we planted. I'm looking forward to having them all leaf out and look like a proper orchard. There are about 180 in total I think from what we planted 2 years ago in the nursery.

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