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Hey Friends, 

*This is a note that went out to my email newsletter, but I am posting it here as well for anti-racism resources for my white friends/followers - and this is being linked to from my social media accounts. *


Things are not business as usual, nor should they be. There is massive change brewing which our country desperately needs. Much of my energy and attention since my email last week has been spent diving into my anti-racism work. BIPOC folks, know that I stand with you and for you. White supremacy is not welcome here.

If you are white and you have not taken a stand and spoken out, I urge you to do so. If you are struggling to understand, consider the feelings of your black co-workers, clients and connections. Black.Lives.Matter. Staying silent at this critical juncture says otherwise. If you are white, it may cause discomfort to speak out but lives are on the line. We have to stand up.

If you want to join me in this work and need resources - please see these links below.

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

These are similar, but with important differences so I'm including both.


For those that ordered prints last week, please know that they are all just about ready to be shipped out. Part of the offering is intuitively picking the piece that I think will be best for the individual receiving the art and creating that connection for insight just has not been possible.

There are still more free Gift From The Universe prints available - special thanks to those that donated to add more to the pool of free prints. If the listing doesn't say sold out, there are still ones available.

Love and solidarity,



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