Not everyone has a bathtub

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When I had a bathtub, which was most of my life, I never really thought about it. Who doesn't have a bathtub, why might they not. Maybe it's by choice. Some people literally build a house with no bathtub! Who are these people?! Other people live in a space that may have a shower only or doesn't even have a shower. Or maybe they don’t have a home. Most people take water for granted though. Take things like a washer and dryer or dishwasher for granted. Turning on the water and taking an endless shower or filling up a giant bathtub. 

It's a small thing, to some. 

Every time I hear someone list "taking a bath" as a self-care option, I think "WELL I WOULD IF I HAD ONE!" And I wonder if they have thought about the privilege of having water. 

It's a small thing, to some.

To take for granted the water that comes out of the faucet. To run endlessly, drink it, never think about it.

My situation is largely temporary and by choice. I know some day I will again have a faucet I can drink out of, that will run endlessly if I let it. There will be a time when I forget that I thought about water every day and wondered if I need to get more. I will forget the time and space it takes up to have to consciously think about something that is a basic need like water. I know others will not be so lucky. Will live the rest of their entire lives being concerned about their needs for water. Not being concerned about water for their lawn or to wash their car. But basic needs like drinking and washing up. 

Today I get to soak in a salt water tub and take a long shower. It's a self-care outing I pay for and it is a luxury. I soak it in and feel grateful.

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