A Gift From the Universe - valentine's edition

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

Hey Friends! 

I'm having a Valentine's weekend special! Even though I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, I do celebrate love.

Buy any item for yourself, jewelry or art, and I'll send a free 5x7 art print to a loved one as a Gift From the Universe. 

What is a Gift From the Universe? It is an anonymous gift sent directly to someone you love. It comes with a special note seen below. 

Simply provide the extra recipient address when ordering (in the note to seller box) and I'll ship it to them free of charge. This offer will be available now through Monday, Feb. 17th. More details: A free print can be shipped for each item purchased - ex: purchase 3 items and I'll send free prints to 3 different people, or 3 to the same person.

The free print will most likely be from the Space and Time series and include metallic embellishment, though the free print will be of equal or lesser value to the item/s purchased. So if the item ordered is less than $25 (value of a 5 x 7 print from the S&T collection) a different print will be shipped as the free print. Feel free to ask for a specific image, I may be able to fulfill your request.

The free print offer is only available to be shipped directly to the recipient.

Shipping internationally unfortunately will not be free, but the offer for the free print is still available.

Additionally, you can purchase any item and make it a Gift From the Universe. See the listing here.


-By loving ourselves, we increase the amount of love in the world.-

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New Offering - Art Use Permission

Posted by Alex Kroh on

If you've been interested in using my art for a tattoo, tshirt or other item, now you can get permission to use my artwork! In some cases a digital file will be sent. If the artwork is for a tattoo, I'll also include a "permission slip" for the tattoo artist so they know that permission has been given to use the art.

Let me know what you're wanting and I'll let you know what the fee would be for that item. Prices will vary depending on the use and if any additional work is required from me.

See the listing for more details

art use permission


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New Offering - Make any purchase an anonymous gift

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

I was so inspired by my last project, sending the anonymous Gift From The Universe prints, I decided it would be a fun add on to any purchase. You can now make any item an anonymous gift from the Universe. Simply add this listing to the item you are purchasing and include the recipient's address and I'll mail the item with the Gift From The Universe note. The return address also says "A Gift From The Universe" instead of my name.

Why send an anonymous gift? So many reasons, but here are a few: 

  • You have a friend that has been having a hard time and they aren’t the type to accept help or gifts.
  • You’ve been estranged from a loved one.
  • You have a lot of money but don’t want the recipient to feel bad for not being able to reciprocate.
  • You don't have a lot of money and just want to send love more than anything else and giving a small inexpensive gift just doesn't express what you want to say.
  • You just want someone to know they’re loved way beyond what you can say.
  • You have a hard time showing love to those you love the most.

There are so many reasons you may want to let someone know that they’re loved without claiming the credit for sending them a sweet message.

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A Gift From The Universe

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

Don’t you love a surprise gift from the universe? Here is a way to be the one that sends it. As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I had an idea of something to help counteract the energy of the holiday frenzy and I have a new offering - not a sale, but something much better. It is a practice in giving - giving without concern for cost, giving without an expectation of thanks or acknowledgement, giving without the guilt of unequal exchange, giving the gift of love with no strings attached.

This special offer is meant to be an anonymous gift to someone you love. A free art print mailed directly to the recipient.

A note will be included in the package that says: 

A Gift From The Universe - You have been anonymously gifted this artwork so that when you see it you will be reminded that you are loved beyond words.

The shipping recipient must be a different name than the customer/billing address name. While I considered requiring it to be a different address, I realized that the person that might need it the most may be a spouse or child, or someone living in the same house.

Use code ShipLove for free shipping in the US. The code can only be used once per person. With respect for my time and energy I ask that you order no more than 3. If ordering more than one, each will need to be a separate order and free shipping will only be available for 1. Prints may be mailed internationally, however due to the greater cost, I can't offer free shipping out of the US.

There is a limited qty I am offering, though it is a large mystery number. If there is the option for you to order, then prints are still available. This offer will hopefully run through Giving Tuesday - 12/3/19, though it will end sooner if I reach maximum qty before then.

Prints will vary in size (4x6 to 8x10) and design, not limited to the ones shown in the photo. Feel free to share any information about the individual that will be receiving the print. I will be intuitively choosing which image I send, hopefully being guided to send the one that they will connect with the most.

Each print will include the message card shown in the 2nd photo; I will not be able to include any personalized message.

All orders will be shipped between Wednesday 12/4/19 - Friday 12/6/19.

If the recipient name is the same as the billing name, I will try to contact you first to clarify, then cancel the order if I do not hear back.

 Click here to go to the listing.


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An empath, artists and the holiday “shoulds”

Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

As an empath, the holidays can create a lot of pressure, and a real opportunity to create boundaries. The collective energy of all the “shoulds” is pretty intense and, for me, like no other time of year. 
Every year I feel like I’ve not done enough, I’m too late, I’m failing as a business owner, as a family member. Every year I think I’ll get a handle on all of it, I’ll do better, I’ll ignore those feelings and say a big fuck you to all the things I think I should be doing. Or I’ll start preparing in September! or July! All of the things for holiday sales should be done before Thanksgiving and they just aren’t. Ever. (not that that's true, just the feeling) 
I dislike the culture of “buying things” to just buy things and give things, of Black Friday sales and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and how can I capitalize on the income I might get from people wanting to buy things. I hate that it’s a reminder that maybe all I’m doing is contributing to more “stuff” and more voices saying “buy my things so I can survive” when a lot of people also feel frustrated and overwhelmed and opt for an amazon gift card instead because, why not, everyone can find something on amazon. (I totally buy things on amazon, no judging, just saying, before you buy a gift for buying sake, maybe think twice)
So many artists and creators are trying to take advantage of a busy season that can put money in their bank accounts to just pay bills and survive, while spending too many hours in the studio and not enough hours just… being. Being with family and friends and enjoying the time off, being in tune with the seasonal change and going in to hibernation mode. The pressure to just make as much as possible in hopes that this will be the best season yet is crazy making.
A few little requests - if you know an empath, remind them that the feelings they are feeling might not be theirs. If you know an artist who is potentially going in to overdrive and you’re unaffected by all the busy and overwhelm, take them some chocolate, give them a hug, stop by their holiday fair to just say hi and give them support, offer to get them food or let them go to the bathroom if they’re stuck in a booth. If you really feel the need to buy a random gift for someone, think about supporting an artist or a small business. Buying something from an artist is like giving them a gift too, buying a random gift from a big chain store just feeds the beast. 
The next few weeks are going to be even more intense. We all need reminders to take a deep breath, a nap, a long bath and a break from everyone telling us what we should be doing. If you can’t make space for any of those things, at least try to create a boundary, a bubble, a safe turtle shell around your energy that can help protect you from the shoulds, the pressures and expectations of the world around you.
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