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Astral Collection

The astral collection is my newest collection of amazing jewelry featuring meteorites. What could be more amazing than wearing a shooting star? You'll get to show off some star dust, a bit of cosmic history. Your friends will wonder when you got so adventurous.

Cosmic Collection

Star gazers, outer-space fanatics, dreamers are all welcome here. These designs show off your cosmic sensibilities. Always eye-catching, full of wonder and great conversation pieces. What's your story?

Nature Collection

For all the times you wanted to bring home your favorite day hike or weekend adventure, the nature collection was created so you can broadcast your love for the outdoors.

Organic Vine Collection

Browse the Organic Vine Collection

The Organic Vine collection is the quintessential Beth Cyr style. Abstract, interesting and beautiful, the organic vine designs are wholly original, and each piece is completely unique. You won't find anything quite like these anywhere else.


This collection of simple designs are a study in versatility, with clean lines for dressing up or down. They work with your look all day, everyday.