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EtsyMetal Blog Carnival May 5th - Are You Musically Inclined?

Posted by Beth Cyr on

It's been awhile since I've participated in any blog carnivals, but since I am starting a new blog w/ my new website, I figured now was the time to jump back in! So here I am!

May's topic is Are You Musically Inclined?

I don't know that I can say definitively yes or now. I think I am more than some and not nearly as much as others. I do love music and there was a defining moment in my childhood that is one of those things I think I may have regret about. When I was in 6th grade I was in band and loved it. I played the clarinet b/c that is what the band director had for me play (we didn't have enough money to purchase an instrument and he let me play his for free) I was pretty good, as far as I could be never having played before. I was first chair most of the year. I loved playing and really loved the couple of performances we had during that year. The next year came and I had to make a choice between music and art. Not a very fair choice really. I wanted to do both, but art was what I had always done and knew that I would always do. I was sad to have to let go of something I really enjoyed doing and was good at - yay for public schools in the south not caring about the arts! (insert obvious sarcasm).

I've had dreams of playing the violin for a long time and after I moved in to a new house last year, the dream had a resurgance. An extra room as a yoga room AND music room? sounded lovely! it turned in to sort of that, but also a guest bedroom and well... still don't have a violin yet. Though it hasn't happened in the past year, the dream is still alive. I'm going to go try out a friend's violin who has started taking lessons. And I have the info for the gal he's been taking lessons with. I'm moving in to a new house this fall and there are plans for the living room to be a big music room (mostly my partner's variety of instruments).

It's interesting to think about, playing music vs creating visual art. Creating visual art came so easily. It didn't require an instrument, really didn't require more than some paper and crayons or markers to start. I never felt like I needed to be good enough for someone to view my art. But somehow insecurities about music have stuck with me. You have to practice to be good right? No one wants to hear bad music being played. Visual art came so naturally to me, the idea of someone not liking it didn't matter. Of course, a bad piece of art doesn't bleed through the walls to annoy the neighbors. Visual art was my preferred method of expression and music was not something that was encouraged or supported.

I think there is a deep scar from having to make a choice when I was younger - something has been left unfulfilled. I don't think it is ever too late to fulfill a desire - and who knows, I might just be really good at it!

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