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Posted by Beth Cyr Kroh on

As I’m sure many of you know, there are massive shipping delays for a lot of people and not just USPS. 

There never really have been guarantees with shipping but even less so now. Even if I ship by a certain date, there is a chance that your package will not arrive when you would like it to.  First class packages are definitely being delayed the most, but priority packages are also taking quite a bit longer. 

I would say this a good opportunity to release attachment to a specific outcome! Do presents REALLY need to be there by a certain date? You can always print out a photo or make a cute drawing and wrap that. Get creative! Because if you’re shopping online this year, you’re probably going to have packages that are delayed. 

I tend to be more conservative in my estimates, but I would not plan on any first class mail being delivered in under 7-10 days depending on location. For priority I would plan for a week. 

For hope of delivery by Dec 25th - anything after Dec 14 should be shipped Priority. Anything after the 17th - Express. I’m not sure anything shipped after the 21st would arrive in time unless you live in WA.

It’s a bummer for many small online business that the service we rely on the most is utterly overwhelmed. I tend to have lovely understanding customers, but a lot of customers blame the seller as if we have any control over what happens once the package has left our hands. Anyway, that’s my long winded shipping announcement. My advice, don’t care when something is actually received. Hope for the best, but expect delays.

Sending lots of love this holiday season. 

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