The 100 day project - starts Jan. 31 - 100 days of landscapes

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I've been thinking about the 100 day project since I found out just the other day it moved from starting in Apr to Jan. 31st! I panicked a bit as I wasn't sure the timing was great, but I love doing it and loved hearing from friends that are thinking about it. Picking a project really gets my creative juices going and I love talking about potential projects with other people.

For me, doing the thing every day for 100 days is important. Skipping a day or two is not a big deal, but my goal is to do a thing every day. (Other people may have a different goal and taking 120 days to do 100 days of a project may work better for them)

I have a few rules when choosing a project:

*Flexible! Too rigid and there will be too many days it can't get done and then I'll get behind and since doing the thing every day is what is most important to me, I need to be flexible. It also needs to be something I can do at home and not just the studio.
*Broad topic - Allows for growth (which really is ultimately my goal!)
*Defined minimum - easiest thing I'll count
*Special hashtag - mostly for fun. I like to use a unique hashtag that hasn't been used.

-This year I've picked 100 days of landscapes - any landscape, any medium (drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry, pottery, photography or anything else)

-My minium will be a tiny sketch or a photograph I took that day.

-Other guidelines: Can be for sale or not. They may include custom pieces. I'll count starting a landscape, working on a landscape or finishing a landscape. It won't need to be started and finished on the same day because that just doesn't work with some of my processes. But in general I do want to either start, or finish, one each day but that is a flexible goal. If I finish 2 in one day, I may count one the next day but only a few times! haha!

-Posting is kind of the hardest part. I'll post to stories most days (maybe not weekends) and make a highlight. I have a feeling I'll be posting these to my feed a lot and may do away with my IG feed pattern I've had for years... 😬

-What to do for a hashtag? Suggestions? BCyrKrohLandscapes? 100scapesofland?

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